Thursday, March 20, 2014

Adulthood even negatively affects my dog....and how I burnt a hole in my jacket!

Ok so my dog Cotton (who's a girl dammit, get it straight A GIRL) and I disagree on feeding times.

 I think she should be fed in the mornings before I go to work. Cotton however disagrees. She in classic dog style likes to eat when SHE wants to no matter where I place her food. My friend Kristin thought it was cute because apparently it's a common things that doggies like to eat when you're there. The only problem with this logic is I'm THERE in the mornings too. How is that different?

Here's where things start to matter. Well I mean they matter cause I love Cotton like my child. It's rather sick actually.  I want her to eat so that she can live because like I said I love her an unhealthy amount. So, that's important. It's not that she eats that is the issue its when she chooses to do it. 

   I work from 7AM to 3:30 PM almost every single day. No really except two a week like a bonafide adult. Cotton, my precious, is very good about not using the carpet or other floor-like surfaces for a bathroom after much and I mean MUCH patience when she was a puppy trying to potty train her. Finally about a year and a nearly ruined carpet later, it worked. Puppies just can't hold it like dogs can. So, in a perfect world Cotton would gobble down her food in the morning like she used to (still investigating what changed) and then sadly because adulthood blows, 8 hours later I come home and immediately take her out. She goes about 95.4 percent of the time. (percentage estimated) 

So this habit she has of eating at night totally fucks up my world. There are good reasons why. One, I get all paranoid she will starve to death because she didn't eat her food and I will on occasion shut my bedroom door. The stupid thing behind this is that dogs have not yet mastered door knobs and therefore her uneaten food from the morning is behind the door. This I completely understand is all my fault but on the flip side if she'd eat in the morning like I want then I wouldn't have to shut the door when I leave.

I wouldn't shut my bedroom door but the very interesting things that she is amazing at finding when I leave my bedroom door open is kind of embarrassing if anyone else but me were to come over, such as previously worn underwear.  

   K, so little story, The other night it was some ungodly early hour like 1AM or something and Cotton mysteriously decided she couldn't sleep through the night and because she's cute as hell, her way of telling me she needs to potty is by laying her cute little head on my chest in bed and whining.  Well this one day as usual I was searching for shoes and a jacket as it was rather cold outside.  In the TV show West Wing Martin Sheen always throws his jacket backwards over his head and puts it on that way. Where he throws the back of it backwards.  Well this particular night, half asleep, I decide to pull this move for some inexplicable reason and then I smelt a strange smell. It smelled like something burning. Did I mention I have a very low hanging chandelier in my kitchen? Well if you have read this story it doesn't take a genius to figure out what happened.  My work jacket to go with my uniform now has a pretty burn hole in the bottom and I was so pissed, but not at Cotton.  It isn't her fault. When you gotta go you gotta go. I was pissed at the fact that I had to get up in like 3 hours and I totally it was my fault and now my OCD has to live with a hole in my damn jacket.  I can't forget it there. I try, but I can't. Poor Cotton couldn't figure out what the hell the hold up was.  Mommy was being dumb Cot.

Getting up at 1 AM and taking my dog out does not for good REM sleep make. Damn you adult job with adult responsibilities. I hate you!  More complaining on that job thingy later. Trust me it's my favorite thing to bitch about and since this is my blog I can! :P

Here is a picture of my baby!

That ladies and gentleman is the apple of my eye by Cot-Bot! (Cotton)

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