Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Down the Rabbit Hole

I've always dreamed of being one of these so-called "computer geniuses." (Also, a famous blogger you can have MORE THAN ONE dream, don't judge me.)

The adage "Be careful what you wish for." Is swirling around in my over active mind.

I recently noticed my computer is dragging ass.  Not my internet which, until we get Google Fiber Optics in a few years will just be slow and something we have to accept.

I don't care about the internet being slow, my computer in general is taking forever to do anything.  So I sought out one of these "computer genius" people that happens to be the boyfriend of my BFF. 

HE SCARES ME!  There's only one reason. In the type of OCD I have I tend to get obsessed with a subject and completely study the hell out of it until I know EVERYTHING. Prepare for me to bug the crap out of you, Michael, until I have picked your brain clean of all knowledge....I KID YOU NOT! BEWARE!

Sometimes ignorance truly is bliss.  He's introducing me to the world of installing RAM and SSD drives and how to make your computer bad ass without having to buy another one.

I feel myself going down the rabbit hole QUICKLY. It's a bottomless, never ending wealth of knowledge that I will never be able to get over completely. 

I lived under the stupid person fog of the belief Mac is awesome....get a Macbook and they last forever and you never have to worry.  Well I'm learning very quick that this is not the case.

When I was a kid if my toys would break I would completely go postal.  I am a person who always wants the best of everything and I never want it to break.  If it does break I want it fixed INSTANTLY. 

I think I need to recruit Harry fricking Potter to be like computero updato!

For example: a car should start when you turn the key, a computer should boot when you turn it on. If you push buttons on a keyboard that letter should just appear.

Once upon a time in temper tantrum land.  I had a macbook who's keys started falling off and I was all WTF? Keys aren't supposed to just be COMING OFF of computers WTH MAN! I went in and stalked the Mac Store until they gave me a new "E" button.  They weren't so happy with me after that. I think I have secretly been blacklisted from all Mac stores.  I was NOT a happy camper. TO SAY THE VERY LEAST!

When you mess with my toys you better be ready to deal with the fall out. It is not pretty! 

The only thing I take more seriously than my gadgets is my friendships, and anyone who knows me even a little knows how FIERCELY loyal I am and how I will cut a bitch for one of my friends.

So you can imagine how impossibly horrible I am when something I own breaks or is not in "the tip top best condition of anything in the world currently existing" (at least of the world I KNOW of)

My adult "toys" are not the dirty things that you are thinking of....GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER! My toys now are electronics.

BIG PROBLEM: Another reason why adulthood blows!
As a kid your parents bought you the toys and in my case if it broke you threw a fit until you got it fixed or got a new one.

Yeah another reason adulthood sucks is you have to spend your own damn money, or if that fails and you find yourself broke like me, explain to my completely computer illiterate parents why I need a new 2,000 dollar computer. That they see as a toy.....A VERY EXPENSIVE, OVER PRICED, NEVER GONNA HAPPEN, TOY.

-Did I mention that I just spend like 500 dollars on an IPAD mini? Oh yeah little over a month ago.. I NEEDED MORE TOYS!!!! To the complete annoyance of said parents who couldn't understand why I needed it. Which honestly I really don't

To me my hobbies are my life.  I don't NEED the fastest computer on Earth (I just want it).  I also want to be a famous blogger and that requires a keyboard and an internet connection and a tiny bit of writing talent, which I'm still deciding whether I have. Every time I have to WAIT for anything to load on my computer it used to frustrate me, yes, but now it INFURIATES the hell out of me.  MUST BE FASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

COMPUTERO UPDATO....OR WALLETO GROWUS! JOBUS GET BETTERUS! Surely Harry Potter the "boy who lived" can help me out with this. Come on Harry you can kill Voldemort surely you can help me with my computer!

I'm seriously terrified of entering this new world of computer geekdom. Cause it's a bottomless pit of unending improvements and never ending releases of new and better toys.  Pray for me. I need it!

I'm seriously scared!

-gets in fetal position and sucks thumb trying to regain a semblance of my childhood-

BEING AN ADULT SUCKS! The only thing that makes being an adult a teeny bit better is LOTS AND LOTS OF MONEY! SO I NEED THAT! NOW! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh! Here I go quickly down the rabbit hole. I hope Alice is there to help me navigate wonderland....


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