Tuesday, October 20, 2009

29 Days Until the Big Day!


According to the latest official New Moon Movie countdown...it's officially 30 days until the big day! Thank god! It needs to hurry up and get here.

Since, I took a little trip across town..it was so far I had to pack a bag...just kidding...

I bought like every thing New Moon related they offer at Hot Topic..

For example:
I bought
1.) The New Moon Movie Soundtrack
So, I thought, this is going to be lamespice! There is no way it can top the Twilight soundtrack...well I was extremely WRONG!
It's awesomespice!

2.) New Moon Movie skin for Generation 4 IPod
the skin which is really just a big sticker that you have to be meticulous like me to put on perfectly and even then it wasn't perfect..that's going to drive me nuts!
Above is for those short fat Ipods...I have the skinny mini ipod nano, so Natch I bought that one

3.) Pocket Jacob
Taylor Lautner he is not!
after much ceremony and protesting from my pocket edward and the silent treatment for 3 days from my pocket Bella they agreed to finally let him out.

Then, in true Bella and Jacob fashion they reenacted the official New Moon picture on the CD and Movie Poster...

So, that and to see the following movie:
That movie was awesomespice! Wanna know why? Well, I'm gonna tell you!
It's freakin hilarious!! It is not scary! There was many groddy parts but scary it was not! Funny it was was!

I have one problem...I do not like to wear people's faces on shirts. I will not be buying a New Moon Movie picture of Edward and Jacob on my chest.

Last weekend, sadly it's been that long since I tweeted
I saw this movie (I see lots of movies)

It was funnyspice and for once Vince Vaughn didn't bug the crap out of me!

So there was this weird ball of light in the sky today and there was no water falling from the sky. I woke up asking...where the hell am I?

Then, I went outside with my jacket on because, you know, it's been cold and shizz...well all of a sudden we do have the season of fall.

This is a ball of light called the Sun...until today I was starting to believe that this particular word was made up and that it was something that shown only in other cities...Not Nashville.
Dear People of Seattle, Do you wanna compete with how much it rains here? I bet we would win.

So the Farmer's Almanac says more rain until and thru Dec. then the weather will drop and then rain turns into snow, sleet and ice....

Since the drivers in Nashville, are horrible- true story
Let's put on our thinking caps and say...it's gonna get crazy crazy crazy!

On to more Celeb stuff:
Apparently (according to the most B.S. magazine ever aka Ok!

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are shacking up while shooting Eclipse in Vancouver in a penthouse overlooking downtown.

So yeah, I believe that for like I dunno...NOT!

So this Taylor is dating this Taylor
Taylor Lautner
This Taylor as in Swift of Country Music Superstardom

You know what...I say good for them. If it has to be someone in Hollywood that takes our beloved wolf off the market why not make it Taylor Swift.

Apparently, according to one of those B.S. magazines. Their romance flamed up again at the MTV VMA's and he was livid and angry at Kanye West for his oh so rude interruption...

So, our beloved Kstew has one proud Papa..
In a quote in Us Weekly Magazine
Ummm..quick question is it me or are she and Rob dressing more and more alike these days? Next thing u know Kstew will have a beenie hat and we will all have to cover our eyes in embarrassment.

Dear Kstew: Don't go there....kthanxbye!

Anyhoo, back to Kristen's proud Papa!
She says, "My dad is ridiculous. He's like embarrassingly proud. He really goes overboard, like walking around with magazines and s--t." On her parents enjoying her fame.

Dear Me: Stay the hell out of Hot Topic u spend way too much money in there.

Did I already say how I wouldn't wear someone's face on my chest as in having my Edward or Jacob T-shirt. Well I won't it's just weird.

Dear Neca, the company who makes the Twilight action figures: What part of the complaints with the last pocket Edward did u not get? Like Edward got all fat all of a sudden....see below:
Umm..is that Angel? That does not look like Edward...wth? The last PE looked more like Edward...this is just getting out of hand
and they didn't even listen to 1 of our problems with the last Pocket Pals
1.) His legs still don't bend
2.) He's still clumsy and can barely stand up
3.) Pocket Jacob, has horrible shoes on his feet that make him all uneven and hard to make stand and he moves less than Pocket Edward the prior.
4.) He still can't sit or bend at the waist
5.) Pocket Alice looks nothing like Alice
6.) Jacob sort of looks like Jacob...only Sorta,
7.) What genius decided to put a tank top on Pocket Bella? I mean seriously? She lives in Forks, Washington, not L.A. when would we ever see Bella in a tank top
8.) Umm..see above for how Edward is all stocky
9.) Bella is still NOT pretty...I mean Kstew ain't no beauty queen but she is attractive and they tend to make her action figures as ugly as possible.
10.) Alice is supposed to be miss fashionista..why is she dressed like a goth chick?

So there are 10 reasons why you shouldn't buy the Pocket Pals from New Moon, but u know what? I still bought Jacob. I needed Jacob to compete the collection. I will prolly buy all of them if they come out, I can't follow my own advice, so don't follow my example do as I say not as I do.

New Moon Movie Companion
Have I bought it yet? No!
Will I buy it...most likely

See until the movie comes out I will need every little sneak peek I can get..

I've tried holding off and being strong...I gave up!
November 20th can't get her quick enough as far as I'm concerned...the last days are going to be the hardest as far as the waiting goes.

I won't be one of those Twi-hards standing at the movie at midnight on the 20th, I unfortunately have a job. I have to be there at 7:30 in the morning. I'll have to wait until after work...and stay off Twitter because I don't want anyone else's opinion until I form my own...so until I see the movie I am boycotting all my fav blogs and Twitters

Dear TLau: Rpattz is famous now...are you ready for the fame you will have after New Moon. You think what is happening to Rob is crazy just wait little one...it's gonna be crazy! We love u...that martial arts training may come in handy with those fangirls

Team Jacob is going to explode, have your bomb repellant equipment ready and keep up the cardio to run from the papparazzi and fangirls...good luck! I won't be one of them but I will live vicariously!

Love u, Kristen, Rob, and Taylor, continue doing what you do and we will continue to be loyal fans....
6 months is gonna feel like forever after New Moon I don't know how we waited this long!
So who's ready for the Eclipse movie countdown????
Me! (raises hand)

Okay New Moon needs to hurry the hell up and get here...

Queen of Randomness, Julz...this just happens to be Twilight random..but whatever...that's my opinion oughta be urs!



  1. Me: Wow, Pocket Jacob, you look...umm, yeah.

    Pocket Jacob: Oh! You punched me so I'm gonna turn into a wolf! Huah!

    Me: Ummm...I so did not punch you, ya big baby.

    Pocket Jacob: Alley-oop. You guys got any food?

    Me: *sigh* Whatever! Just shut up!

    Pocket Jacob: Jean Claude van Damme...

    Me: SHUT UP!
    Hehehe, I love the re-enactment of the movie poster.
    Dude, Pocket Edward and Pocket Angel need to have a look-a-like Wednesday!

  2. Omg! I so need to get to hot topic. Mcr stuff abounds. Unfortunately I have wait until march. Lol. Hilarious about KStew and the beanie. Lol.

    If I got to run around with RPattz I'd hope my dad would be proud too. Lol

    Pocket figures are so cool. I have to admit I'm lmao at that tank top one. Lol

    Taylor and Taylor a very cute couple. I forgot Taylor was an mma man so he's got extra points from me.

    Hot topic whoo! Bloodsucking store everyone says you can't walk out of. Lol :)