Thursday, October 29, 2009

So Close to Rpattz We Can Smell His Cologne! We will meet RPattz!! Up Close and Personal!

I think it is in mine and Kelley's (aka @kellebelle1981)'s destiny to one day meet Rob Pattinson:

Reasons that I think this are as follows:

So, kellebelle was just sittin at work, with the ankle-biters and chit-chattin most likely during nap-time because you know that kellbelle is a hard worker darn it!

and as she was chit-chatting she was having a GOOD ATTITUDE about a favorite subject of ours.

Can you guess??? Nope, not Jensen Ackles! Good guess though!

Ummm...holy random story interruption Batman! There's a Supernatural magazine? WHAT! Where do I get a subscription...need one STAT!

This is from Supernatural magazine #12 holy crap! there are 11 more of these????!!!

Where the hell-spice do I get one?
Me and kellebelle have been doing an experiment to see how many words we can put spice behind.


So, the kellebelle's just a chit-chattin with the co-worker and they are talking and something happened and the kellebelle's co-worker started talking about one of her best friends....

So, this best friend of the co-worker went to a concert here in Nashvegas featuring one best friend of this little boy below

Hey Patty! This here is Robbie the little cutie Pattinson he's so cute!

Then, he grew up to become one of our favorite vampires!
Hello there Edward Cullen...I mean RPattz...I mean hawtness!

Well, little boy Patty he was friends with this other guy named Sammy
Famous boy-hood BFFs

So little Sammy lived next door to little Patty and they were friends...and still are

K, on that note back to the story
See Sam has a band you see and although Patty is extremely musically talented, he went on to audition for this tiny little movie called Twilight...and then all hell broke loose!

Every girl in the world fell in love with Edward Cullen and his world, okay not every girl, but the ones with eyes.

So, Sam and Patty are friends to this day...

Well, Sam came to play a "gig" or whatevs in Nashvegas at this bar/dive called 12th and Porter...who holds a lot of musical talent for such a small (yet insanely popular) place...

So the kellebelle is chit-chatting to co-worker about her best friend (coworker's best friend)

Co-worker's best friend went to Sam's concert at 12th an Porter, not knowing who in the sam to the hill Sam Bradley was...she was to find out not too much later that night!!

So, co-worker of kellbelle's BFF must be gorgeous, cause natch in true fairy-tale style Sam met her after the show and asked for her number and of course they are dating...

So, Co-worker went to dinner to meet the boyfriend, you know and give him the whole you hurt her I'll kill you speech and yada yada...well Sammy gets a phone call at said dinner...


Well, they are at dinner just a eatin and chit-chatting...and Patty calls up Sammy and Sam says, "Oh, it's just Rob, I'll call him back later." then hits IGNORE!!!

So, the kellebelle is telling me this story and right about mouth is hanging open so wide you could drive a Buick in it! I'm like he did what! See there are some men in this world, *glares at men who aren't this way* who are polite and don't answer their cell phones while at dinner with their girlfriend and her best friend! And Sam is one of these men!

I mean he IGNORED a phone call from a man who a million girls would tear out every tooth in their head to have! Dude, must be nice!

So, Kellebelle's co-worker tells her if she wants to meet Sam when he comes back into town (Nashvegas) they can go to dinner or something...

Dear Kellebelle: I am going with you if said meeting ever have no other choice...kthanxbye!

So, meet Sam, suppress my inner fan girl with every iota of will power I possess and maybe one day Rpattz himself!

Okay, folks that's not all!

There are other connections to Rpattz that keep cropping up since then

So there is this little, tiny, no one really cares movie coming out on November 2oth, called New Moon!!

This is the picture of the wildly unpopular soundtrack that has sold millions of copies after being out for about a second!!!

On this soundtrack is a band called OK-NO who sing the song that will be featured in the little movie called Shooting the Moon...

So, the kellebelle's parents are die hard Notre Dame University football fans...and they try to go to at least one game a year. Well that time came just a couple weeks ago...

So, Kellebelle's Mom is at the game and by some circumstance meets this band!!!

As the kellebelle said to me when I said, so?

Dude, they are on the NM soundtrack they have met the cast of New Moon...and we are now just inches..okay maybe feet away from meeting the man himself!!

And when this drop-dead gorgeous man comes to Nashville next January..and you can bet your beautiful behind! I'm gonna be there!
I'm going to meet Kellan in January and it WILL BE true love and we will be getting married and I'm pretty sure that Rob will be in the there you go's inevitable..the kellebelle and I are going to meet Rpattz one day and we are going to be BFF's but I promise I WON'T IGNORE his phone calls...I don't do that to my BFF's, well most of the time!

So there you have it folks, mine and the kellebelle's story! Go read her bad attitude will laugh and you will follow and of course you will follow me! Or I will sic Taylor Lautner on you! GROWL!! Alley-oop, you guys got any food?

Do it! Now! For Kellebelle's blog click the button --------> over there somewhere---->

*the above stories are completely true and will happen if have not already (kellan marry me) *ahem*....

that's all


  1. dude, the band is called OK GO, not OK NO! :P and my mom got her picture taken with the's on her iphone. my mom, of all people.

    i totally loved a blog all about should do those more often. :P

    and we will meet rpattz! dammit, we will! :)

  2. OMFG! That is simply AMAZING! I can't begin to imagine how you must be feeling! That is like just totally epic. Sam and Rpattz? KelleBelle must have the best co-workers EVER!

    Supernatural magazine! OMG! They need to get that over here!

    TLau is fiiiiiiine. And he's an mma man which is zooooo me type. *drools* lol. Yet beautiful Rpattz of course.

    You guys are the luckiest ever. I hope you get to meet him. That would be the icing on your awesomeness cake! Lol.

    That joke about the buick so had me rolling!