Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I made a prediction recently

As I looked at the New Moon countdown clock, I said to the kellebelle that the last few days before it came out would be hard as hell!


This is torture!

Sunday night I dreamt the movie came out this Friday, as in two days from now and I was so happy I coulda danced a jig in my dream!



In other news, Rob and Kstew were holding hands in London and Paris...

That's awesome...this means they are getting married! NOT!
OKAY I realize not the right pics but I couldn't find the other ones and I like RPattz in a suit *swoon*

You know who's life I want?
1.) Kstew's
2.)Blake Lively, that girl is gorgeous and seems so nice and down to Earth and not to mention she has a BAD ASS wardrobe
The girl takes her look straight from the runway for crying out loud! Awesome!

And she dates Penn Badgley...nough said!

So more of my obssessions...
Seems that one of my favorite men..and he's in the top 5 is getting married...

As Dean would say: SONOFABITCH!!

All the good ones are taken! Damnit world where is my very own Jensen?

ooohhhh! I have an idea! Can we Clone him? We have the technology!

I call first clone!!

Dear Daneel Harris: I hate you! Not really but my jealousy is so bad it has turned into outright hatred and why the hell are you back on One Tree Hill and why are you dating Dan the Sleazer Geezer? WTF?

It has been suggested that we use this man to play a role of a vampire in Breaking Dawn

Hello, Hawtness...Tom Welling you are my superman!

Put this man in Breaking Dawn and then I will have to bring a bucket for all the drool from TLau, RPattz, and TWell, and CharBew...Holy crap that's a lot of hot ass men!!!


Dear World: You say I'm too cynical about love, well here is why:

This sleaze bag who is really good looking, but that's besides the point
Josh Dillhole Duhamel


Gorgeous sweet pop star
The oh so Glamorous
Fergie of solo stardom and The Black Eyed Peas!

If she can't hold on to a man, then what chance do us common folk have???

Not only did he cheat on her...He did it with a STRIPPER!!!

I will never date a movie star, unless it's Kellan Lutz, then I will make an exception!

Speaking of which, I'm pretty sure
That this girl is my idol
Despite rumors to the contrary, she and Kellan Lutz are STILL dating and have been this whole time. They just give off the appearance that they are single so it doesn't hurt their fan base. GENIUS! TAKE IT FROM THIS GIRL WITH A DEGREE IN PR

If you are a star that appeals to teenage girls, don't openly date someone in public. I don't care who you are...You get together with someone and the fantasies said girls have about you will fade...Genius PR move Kellan and Anna Lynne

So, there you have it folks...a very UNINTERESTING BLOG I'm so uninspired.

One last thing...

This guy
1.) Is hot
2.) Is definitely 100 percent dating
This girl

The other Taylor, Taylor Swift...I say more power to em...Just watch out Taylor L.
You break her heart you will get a song written about you!

I'm going to watch the CMAs to see if TLau makes a surprise appearance!

Okay, Boring post...sorry peeps

Here's something pretty to look at:

I am seriously thinking about getting a Volvo! But only if Edward comes with it!

Okay thus ends my ramblings...Randomness Queen still reigning Supreme

Love, Julz


  1. Tom Welling in BD.Yes.
    RPattz in a suit.Yes.
    Blake Lively.gorgeous.Penn Badley.Gorgeous.

    Im sorry.Why is Jensen Ackles marrying the slutty drug addict from One Tree Hill? And.."sleazer geezer", pretty sure its the best saying ever.

    Thats all I could think of haha.


  2. I want the second clone!!!!!!! hehehehe *swoon* Jensen


  3. I could not believe that Jensen got engaged!!! NOOOOO!!! (BTW, LOVED the last two eps of Supernatural!!! AWSOMESPICE!)You are so right, all the good ones are taken!!! I am still holding out hope for Kevin Connolly!!!! Love ya girlie! Hugs!

  4. Woot I can comment! C'est moi, mugglesam!!

  5. Volvo! Whoo! LOL. A personal Edward Chaffeur. Lol

    Josh cheated on Fergie? I'm so pissed. I love her to death and she's been through so much! That bastard doesn't deserve her!

    Jensen noooooo! How depressing. I hope he's happy.

    Tom Welling would make a kicka$$ vamp.

    You said *Buckets of drool* SO RIGHT!

    Thank goodness Tlau isn't jailbait for me! LOL. I love Swift but I'm SOO jealous!

    Oh well. Patience I guess. Lol.

    28 hours! Can't wait!