Friday, October 2, 2009

More Randomness but So Fun! case you haven't noticed there is a new hot vampire in our eyecandy buffet!
But before we get to that:

First came Brad in Interview
Then came ANGEL in all his broody hotness!
As Buffy gave him his moment of "complete happiness" in the form of a apparently soul-stealing orgasm! Then he became evil but even HOTTER in his leather pants.
He may have entered in our lives when "School Hard" but he was EASY on the eyes!
Then, he graced us with his presence for every season of Buffy and then the last two of Angel??-- the Kellebelle's fav!

Then came the Cullens into my life like a bat out of hell!
Edward Cullen

Emmett Cullen....hotness!
Jasper the badass soldier Hale!

and then
True Blood!
Welcome to my rambling, random, crazy-at-times life! Enjoy! I know I will having you in it!!!

Paul Wesley in Vampire Diaries...this is one of the only pics of him shirtless I can find....HOT!

see this dude loves to write in his "vampire diary" hehe
I am hotter than that dude from Twilight
That's all

I don't know if that is so true but you are finespice!!


Enough with the about some regular ole human beings?
Regular and ole? nope! Not possible on my blog!

Hello, I'm Dean Winchester. I'm on a show called Supernatural and I am human. I am also a bad ass with an insanely amazing sense of humor. JuliePerk is obsessed with me. The End.


P.S. I am SOOOO much hotter than my brother!
Again...True story!

Dear Vampire Diaries Fans: Do not! I repeat DO NOT abbreviate Vampire Diaries to VD. It sounds like a sexually transmitted disease...just take the time to type vamp diaries...I mean come on don't be so LAZY!

Dear People who Only Know Vampires from Twilight:
Only Stephenie Meyer's vampires are venomous. This was used as a tool to help her plot keep Edward from doing the nasty with Bella due to her Mormon religious beliefs.

Other Vampires INCLUDING the ones in The Vampire Diaries are:
1.) not venomous and able to drink the blood of a human and have that human survive as long as they don't take too much blood.
2.) Burn in the sunlight unless (for vamp diaries) they have a "extra-special" ring.
3.) Except in Twilight you will not necessarily turn into a vampire from one bite!
4.) To become a vampire (other than in Twilight) u have to drink the blood of a vampire and then die and then you wake up again as the "undead"

Get it? Got it? Good!
Now don't be so damn stupid I mean did anyone watch Buffy??? It was on for 7 freakin years for cryin out loud!
And then there was Angel it was on for 5 years....dude...get a clue!

Yes Dean I love you!
Random Dirty Dancing song in a scene from Supernatural's new episode
Do you love me? Do you love me? Do you love me? Do you love me? Now that I can dance, dance, watch me work...Know the song? if not see the watermelon scene in Dirty Dancing!

Oh answer the song's question

Yes, Dean Winchester I love you whether you can dance or not!
Can you blame me?

There is a plethora of hotness on that show see below:
Sam...he's okay...then there's Dean *drool* Thud*

Okay one thing I have to bitch about on MY blog!

Why the Forks is Paris the skank bitch Hilton going to be on Supernatural? Did I halucinate this? I saw the preview for next week and this ho was in it. If she even touches Dean I will CUT A BITCH! I am ready for jail if that happens!
Bitch, touch Dean and I will KILL YOU!
This is not a's a fact...stay the forks away from Dean! OMG!

Queen of Randomness
Julz :)
That's my opinion oughta be yours!


  1. HAHAHA! Mormon beliefs! Hilarious.

    I don't know where you get those pictures of Sam and Dean but...... *Drools**

    Great Vamp info! Lol!

    Paris Hilton is so disgusting. We will all be ready to bail you out! Lol

    And I'm sure Jensen can dance in other ways. *winks*

    Great blog;)


  2. As usual you make me laugh my ass off!!Heehee!Love it! Jules you rock!!

  3. I watch Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer all the time because I'm addicted to it it's my alternative reality I love it so much Angel (David Boreanaz) is my favorite he's so hot I wish he could save me like he does to women on the show! I also like season 4 of Angel when he turned into the bad Angelus