Monday, December 7, 2009

Rainy Days and Mondays Always Get Me Down

Once upon a time in a place called Nashville, there lived a girl named, me.

She hated the weather! Because one day it would be appropriate for thisOkay, duh without the ocean, it's Tennessee people get a map! I'm making a point.

then the next day you would wake up to this
Frost? What the hell? It was like 70 and sunny yesterday?? Pardon me Mothernature but is this a way to mess with our heads?? Thanks....NOT!!

I'm no little miss religious....FOR SURE! But I grew up Catholic and therefore have a huge family! Well, a wierd phenomenon has happened to me lately and only God could have done this.

I stopped worrying about something and eventually this something fixed itself and left me no need to worry.

There was a quote on this church once that said. "Worrying is like a rocking chair, it's something to do, but it won't get you anywhere...Well it is a church so I say!

A to the Men!!

This is dedicated to all those I love the most. @ScottishDracFan-Nori @kellebelle1981-Kellebelle @glitterbug_81-Amy @TenaciousAlly-Allison @VictoriaAlise-Alise @DeanNSaminmyBed-Iman @Tidus_Yuna- Sarita
Tammy, Rachyrain @rachelninjas, my girl Monica, @MyChemicalMuse

For those of you who hate country (you know who you are) Focus more on the lyrics and message of the song than the genre :P

Follow the advice of this next video no matter who you are!


Dear Verizon: I HATE YOU!!
Everyone says, oh they have the best coverage, whatever, I am getting ripped off on a daily basis and now I can't even call my friend in Canada. They are all's another country. I'm like DUH, I took geography in elementary school, but why should that constitute me having to pay 50 cents a minute and 25 cents a text...I hate you! As soon as my contracts up I'm gonna flip you the bird and run over to Sprint or T-Mobile or something..shit!! or even if I'm desperate AT&T

On this map you will see Canada, but look what is Northwest of Canada? Alaska! It doesn't cost extra to call there...or to Hawaii for that matter. Stupid verizon...


Okay, ranted about that way to damn long. Lately, I've suffered from a long endured syndrome that has stayed with me for my entire life but tends to get better at certain's known as...


I have a birth defect or brain damage...I was born without that little voice in my head that says don't say that it might be taken the wrong way and then you will cause trouble without meaning to. GREAT, AWESOME!! I'm surprised I have any damn friends...

Okay on to more important matters,

New Moon, in two weeks has taken the world by storm and made over half a BILLION dollars....News stories in all countries are saying this is unexpected....SERIOUSLY??

Unexpected?? Must have a different definition of unexpected....People camped out for days at the premiere...idiots!!

People scream at RPattz like he's Jesus incarnate. All I have to say is unexpected it the dumbest thing I have ever heard about New Moon's we are counting down until Eclipse which will "unexpectedly" break morer box office records I'm sure.

Okay, one criticism of the movie. Kstew I love you, it's not your fault, but there is this thing that humans do very often and that's blink.

In Twilight you blinked way too much in New Moon not at all. Find a happy medium.

I've been addicted to Twilight Twitter role play lately because I'm a member of a great site. It's always fun to watch the action unfold.

Join! You won't regret!! 18 and over only

Oh yeah some other stuff happened in hollywood....does anything but New Moon matter? Nope...didn't think so...

Dear Gosselins: GO AWAY!


I saw the Blindside!!! Damn good movie...if you hate Ole Miss don't go, but otherwise go!

Okay, that's all folks, sorry the blog is so boring...I'm boring lately! I've ranted and rambled my way halfway through Monday.

I have a case of the Mondays for sure!

Love ya, That's my opinion oughta be yours

Julz Reigning Queen of Ramblings accept NO SUBSTITUTES!

p.s. Love Christmas Hate sucks! When it's not for me.

Can't wait to see my girls in a couple of weeks {blows kisses}


  1. Thanks:) Cool song. I don't know how to follow that video either. LOL. You are so right anout Kstew!. People are so hating on New Moon. Were getting 12 inches of snow in my city so your lucky LOL,