Saturday, December 7, 2013

Back after two years with Random Ramblings

 Ok so the name of this blog is ramblings.

So here goes. 
I used to own and run an RP site where people would tweet as characters of popular movies and tv shows but really it was just a place to connect. 
Had problems, got lazy, closed it. 

So now I get on Facebook and Tumblr praying for just one interesting thing to show up. Most of the time. Not. But sometimes. 

Here are some recent gems from my endeavors. 

Yep I feel you Steve. My emotions can go from zero to 60 faster than well....whatever the hell is really fast? Idk. A cheetah?

Ok, it's no secret I'm in love with Misha Collins. If you don't know this about me. You don't know me very well. 

Here's my 2011 10 seconds of happiness
I love me some Jensen and Jared. They are both eye candy, but something about a guy who keeps me laughing and make my cheeks hurt from smiling is the most irresistible thing I've ever experienced. Misha does that. 
Moving on cause he lives in Canada is married and has kids and I look like above.  Yuck! A girl is allowed to dream this is ass country after all. Right? Sometimes I'm not sure but anyway. 

This describes like idk EVERYONE I know.   Moving on let's not get all dramatic about it. 

This is just Truth I had to get out there!

The death of some great people has shown me this is true. We go through our mundane lives never realizing this advice no matter how many times I'm told. I forget. It's great advice but sometimes the best advice is nearly impossible to live by. 

This is the story of my life right now. Not to mention it's Duck Dynasty. I love ALL things duck dynasty! Happy Happy Happy!

Ok enough seriously random ramblings for today. Not my best work. Gotta say. My writing is way out of practice but damn am I getting good on my phone's touch screen! 

This whole post was done on my IPhone that's right I am freaking awesome! Kelley and I started CELEBMANMEAT back up after a very long hiatus. Go check it out. One person that will never be man meat. ANY DUCK DUNASTY GUY! Here's the link in case by some miracle anyone actually reads this blog. 
Http:// Visit and for crying out loud. COMMENT!!!

All my random love!
Twitter @ramblingsofjp

UPDATE MAY 18, 2017



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