Tuesday, December 10, 2013


This blog is going to slowly become my diary of just ramblings...wait...isn't that the title? haha!

With the recent deaths of two highly known people lately.

Paul Walker:

When looking through the hundreds of pictures of him there is one thing that I notice more than anything else.  HE IS SMILING. I am pretty good at picking out a fake smile and the real thing.  Paul's was the real thing.  

No doubt, he had problems, many of them surely, but he did live a fast life.  He had a child very early and fast in life and he lived for speed.  The main point is that he may have died young but he LIVED well. The reason this is evident is because everyone who knew him says the same things and his actions and the smile on his face tell all we need to know.

Another person who died recently who really LIVED was Nelson Mandela. 

 I was not around for the main parts of the apartheid and for a long time I didn't understand honestly, what the hell was going on in South Africa other than extreme and aggravated racism.  But it was Africa I was a young privileged girl in the United States what did I care? 

Well that's the sad thing about the USA we are selfish and self-centered.  We live in our own petty worlds and most of us go through life miserable.

Nelson had every reason to be miserable and to not get up and wipe the dirt off him after his over 25 years in prison unjustly.   

He had every reason to hate the world and to give up on life and unlike Paul he didn't live a short one but it was one, like Paul, that was full of smiles and happiness despite any hardships.  

The ones who do become legends are the ones who truly knew how to live life no matter the amount of it they got.

Another example is Marilyn Monroe.

Judge her all you want but she is a legend and her life has more messages to teach than most of us could EVER learn.

It's almost like truly living is being appreciative of just breathing in and out and being healthy.  It's not until we get sick or lose someone we love that we reflect on what wastes of time our everyday lives can be.
She is well known even today and she lived in the 1950s and man did she LIVE!

Another legend that lives forever in the lessons his VERY SHORT life taught us is 
James Dean.

James lives on today though he died in 1951 and he lived his words. He bridged the gap and became a great man in such a SHORT life.

This quote says it all. Paul Walker had 40 years, Marilyn about that many too, Nelson had over 90 but James had barely 24 years.  But he did what he loved and loved what he lived.  I just pray that one day the example of these people will teach me how to stop simply existing and start LIVING! 

I want to look back on my life no matter WHEN it ends and regret nothing.  That is the ONE thing on my bucket list.

When the end comes I want to look back and have no regrets.  Let's hope that I can check this one task off my list!

Appreciate it, it's harder than you think. If you figure out how to do it. Clue me in will ya? It's easy to say and nearly impossible to DO! The people above DID it.  Will you?


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