Sunday, December 29, 2013

Opinions are like behinds.......

Something has been bugging me lately.  Nagging at the edge of my mind despite what happens around me.

What does the GRAND OLD FLAG truly represent?

I know what we were TAUGHT it represented. I know what we all want it to represent.

I have travelled to far away lands with many exotic things, but every time I left the good old U.S.A. the minute I stepped foot on red, white, and blue soil again I felt it all the way to the bone.  I was HOME!

The USA represents a fantastic idea that was started back in the days of Aristotle. An idea of equality and happiness, but can we as human beings truly see each other as equals?

This country was founded by people who were willing to brave a whole lot of water and a small ship to a land they didn't know for sure existed.  They did it all for freedom of religion and from persecution.

Lately, as you know, one of my favorite past times has been interrupted.  My TV watching is being messed with and I don't like it one little bit. It's a show about a family who love each other and love God.

DUCK DYNASTY has truly lived up to it's name.  It's taking over this country one Walmart at a time. These are people who have more money than they need and a very fun and interesting life full of colorful personalities.  It's a TV producer's dream.

There's Si.....the crazy old uncle who works as little as possible and naps as much as possible and has introduced the word "Jack" as an emphasizing word into our lives.  If THAT 4-letter word is what people are quoting then please by all means.....Jack away! JACK!

There is Willie, the son that went and got educated.  He turned "yuppie" as his Father would say and he took the duck call that his Father invented and turned it into a fortune.  Judge him for whatever you want, but the man is obviously a business genius.

There's Jase, Willie's older brother, the second child with the most clever snarky come backs to the events that occur in his life.  He sees the irony in everything and he talks about it to our completely hilarious amusement!

There are the "wives." The women behind the men.  As we know, women are the ones who are really in control.  

There's Miss Kay and the inexplicable reason her own sons call her this and not the traditional "mom." The ultimate "pioneer woman"....whatever that means. I'm not exactly sure but she seems to preach that so you go Miss Kay.  She obviously shows love through the best Southern tradition she knows and that's through food.  She is an amazing cook and her sons' praises and waist lines demonstrate this.

MOST IMPORTANTLY there is Phil.  He's the patriarch, the Father, the Dad, the hunter, the voice of reason.  The show may center around Willie, but without Phil there is no show.

AS we know there was a huge controversy over something Phil Robertson said in a magazine article about gays and something racial.

Back for a minute to the beginning, one of the fundamental rights of a man according to the men who bravely set up this country we are all so proud of is freedom of speech.  They wanted everyone in this country to never have to worry about the words they speak at least not from the government's stand point.   You can have a problem with opinions but you can't be prosecuted by law for them.

Phil Robertson is a simple man.  He wants to hunt, eat Miss Kay's cooking, and thank Jesus and God for all the blessings he has been given.  He believes in a religion that follows the Bible. The Bible is "technically" racist, sexist and every other "ist" we all fight today. If you're going to hate Phil then that's religious persecution. Isn't that EXACTLY what our ancestors on the Mayflower came here to escape?  

Phil Robertson has never pretended to be a tv star. He shies away from the limelight most of the time. Where is there a rule that says we have to all agree on everything? I'm sorry, but that's completely impossible and definitely never going to happen. This is humanity ladies and gentleman every man or woman is entitled to think or believe what they want whether it's "right" or not. So back off. Everyone is persecuting a man for supposed persecution. As Jesus himself said. He who is without sin cast the first stone. No one is perfect. So let's just let the man have his opinion and go on with our lives, which in all honesty what a man says in a TV show has never mattered when it comes to everyday life. So calm down. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. We are all entitled to our beliefs. So let's get over it already. 

That's my opinion, oughta be yours, but if it's not that's ok. You get your own blog and voice it because I live in the greatest country in the world and I can!


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