Sunday, January 26, 2014

Music speaks....or sings to my soul :)

There's a reason music speaks to the thing within us we refer to as a soul. 

Every once in a while that moment when a song plays that seems to put into lyrics EXACTLY what you don't know how to say. It's the closest thing we mere mortals will come to true real world magic. 

No TV show, magazine, movie, or any other form of media can speak to what we call a "heart" as completely as a song can. 

A song can tell a story that so desperately needs to be told, teach a lesson that otherwise couldn't be taught or even communicated any other way. 

A song can do the thing that we all search for every moment we breathe. It can make us feel ALIVE! 

So many times a song will speak a truth that people would dare never speak any other time. 

You are reading the blog of a completely horrible singer. I can't write a decent song if my life depended on it. I stare in awe at those that can write a song in 20 minutes. That's something I could never do and I admit it. 

We all have our talents. Our God-given gifts realized, or in my case unrealized. I challenge anyone to think of something you want to say that you can't find a song to say. I may be wrong but I don't think it's possible. 

Music is the one thing that's completely universal. It affects every person on Earth no matter financial or economic condition, circumstance, race, generation or any other category you can put a human being in. 

Everyone has a favorite song, though they may change often. Mine changes almost daily. If you ask me who my favorite artist is I will never be able to answer not in any truly definitive amount of time. Ask me on Tuesday and my answer might be different on Wednesday. Such is the power of music. Literally, fun for our ears. So crank it up. Sing along and enjoy your life one song at a time. 

That's my opinion oughta be yours. 


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