Saturday, February 22, 2014

You will read and I will be awesome.... Or not... Whatever

There is this thing I do sometimes. Always at the most inconvenient moments. My inner monologue that's highly unentertaining. It's called THINKING. It's an activity I never enjoy and in this task I completely OVERACHIEVE. 
I totally accepted. I totally succeeded. 
I had a point but I forgot it in my search for the perfect pic to insert. Oh well guess I will figure it out. 

I have a dream.... 
Not like MLKJR. A total badass. 
No, my dream is much less lofty. Much less inspiring and definitely not going to impact the world. I wanna be a professional blogger like my idols Or my fellow blonde bombshell ( I wish) Allie Brosh and her blog If you need a laugh then go read those two women who are comic geniuses. Move over Jerry Seinfeld and whoever is considered a comic genius. 

I have one huge problem. I have no clue how to make money out of my stupid rants and opinions. Business according to my grades in college was never really my strongest subject, which seems odd since it's the thing both my parents seem amazing at. 

I think that gene missed me. I also have a horrible habit of sheer unavoidable overwhelmingly strong laziness. It's like a ghost that haunts my thoughts. Not to mention an intriguingly unbreakable habit of saying everything that pops into my head as soon as it does. Anyone who suffers from aforementioned affliction knows it does nothing but make life harder than it needs to be. I'm missing that social coffee filter for thought. Also, apparently a gene that missed me. 

The bloggers I worship all have such interesting stories. I suffer from being the extra in the background of the lives of truly interesting people I totally skate the ordinary line. Them ordinary peeps they my peeps. Sup my peeps?

I lack confidence which I hear in normal life is like oxygen so my normalcy suffocated a long time ago. 
I mourned it. I got over it. I moved on with my crazy ordinary existence. I don't collect cool things or worship any celebrity an odd yet interesting amount. I don't make stuff like crafts. I know how to spell fairly well and I am so guilty of always taking the easy way. 

I am my own worst enemy and I'm so clever I don't know how to defeat enemy me. I guess or I could be crazy. Oh wait that's a big check mark. I have OCD but not in the cleanliness sort of way which really pisses me off. I suffer from depression, chronic low self esteem, laziness, lack of confidence and lack of the ability to recognize why anyone likes me. I try to be nice it's all I know how to do. 

Step 1: Force people to read. I don't know how to do this yet but I will stick it in my random thoughts that keep me annoyingly awake when I just wanna sleep file. 

Step 2: Accomplish step one lets not get ahead of ourselves now. 

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