Monday, February 24, 2014


Ok listen, don't judge me but. Monday and Tuesday are my days off. 

Here's today summary:
Drove a shit load of miles home from Atlanta. Stuck in Calhoun Georgia for 30 minutes

Got home picked up my dog and she cried cause she wanted to stay at boarding place. (Felt bad)

I'm seriously depressed no more BFF's. They all live far away. (Utterly depressed)

Thinking about taking up a habit of drinking one glass of wines night. (scared I might become an alchie) 

Randomly get depressed when remember I am sadly completely single. (

Tried to write a funny blog post and I'm not. (Typical)

Laying in bed waiting to get tired and fall asleep so I can go to the dentist tomorrow and take my dog to the vet at the crack of dawn. (Bitchin day off if I do say so myself)

That was Monday. Blah. 

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